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Why Choose Us?

01. Expert Advice

We are a registered Municipal Advisory firm and carry fiduciary and loyalty standards of care.  We offer a range of services including municipal budgeting, financial planning, utility rate analysis, redevelopment (RDC) financial reporting, TIF analysis, and assistance with economic development project agreements.  

02. Value First Model

Instead of long, drawn out studies that are difficult to understand, we focus on delivering value quickly to your team.

03. Handshakes Matter

We adhere to a small firm service, big firm results mindset.  We understand and value the long-term relationships involved in local government.  We understand that not everyone will be a customer today, but hope to earn trust over time.

04. Shared Success 

We believe that as we demonstrate our value and help a community resolve long-standing issues, there will be mutual opportunities for our growing practice.  Therefore, we are committed to and ask for long-term partnerships with our customers.  

05. 100% Local Government Focus

There are no other competing segments or industries that we serve.  That means that all of our continued training, licenses, and work is all pointed towards developing better content and strategies for communities.  

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