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Let's Build A Plan For Your Community. 

From coast to coast, local governments are competing for jobs, investment, and talent.  As companies grow and expand, it will be the communities with well-defined economic development processes, communication plans, and understanding of their ideal company profiles that capture the best opportunities. 


Our Services

Our local government customers are each unique and therefore our services are tailored based on their specific needs.  



We save our customers time and public dollars by providing independent review of developer project and financing agreements.  

Tax Increment


The number of "developer-purchased" agreements have increased. We specialize in the mechanics of these structures.  


Rate Anaylsis

Utility access and capacity is a huge factor in site selection.  We can help with utility rate models & project financing.



As a community grows, so does the number of abatements.  We specialize in abatement monitoring, policy, and non-standard structures



Quality of life amenities are key determining factors in site selection.  We help you find dollars to invest in these areas.  



Helping residents and elected officials to understand the impacts and importance of economic development.  


“Adam made a huge impression with our team and was a true advocate to streamlining our process.”

Monisha Johnson, CPA

Asst. Budget Director

City of Savannah, GA

Ready to find out more?

As your local economy re-opens for business, let's work together to find ways to help you get back on track towards growth.  Let us build a plan unique for you.